About Us

My name is Anny Gabriella.

I remember my first time selling wedding bands to a young couple about to get married.The look on their faces and the joy in their hearts. I will never forget how happy they left the store. It left me with a feeling of gratification, joy and pride knowing they where completely happy with their purchase. 

My inspiration for opening Anny Gabriella NY goes back to that memory. 

I'm a gemologist by trade, I live in NY and NYC is the city I love. All the pieces in my store are made in the USA, Jewelry district of Manhattan. I'm proud to work with some of the best jewelers in the business.

I  can only consider myself successful when you, my customers are 100% satisfied with your purchase. That is my mission.


Anny Gabriella, 235 Garth Rd # C6E, Scarsdale NY 10583